"Mystic Of Melody" is not a musician, nor performer, but composer

  and songwriter.  He works via, his home-based, studio.  His real name

  i"Mark Thomas Christian". In his youth, he began writing poetry.  His

  creativity was fueled by, pop and rock, artists from 1970-2000.  Many years

  later, he learned to write songs.  He also began experimenting with, various

  music, software.  His genre is, "electronica", but could be labeled pop, or

  rock.  The music is instrumental, melodic, and contains, electronic, vocals.  

 The vocals are dubbed into the music using a variety of, elecronic, voices.  

 Rather than work for others, he decided to establish himself as an,

 independent, artist.  Mark has, many, influences and attempts to blend his 

 favorites into one.  Some of his favorites bands are Rush, Pink Floyd,

 Supertramp, Manfredd Mann's Earth Band, Saga, Blue Oyster Cult, and 

 Kansas.  Also, many pop, punk, and new wave artists were an inspiration.  

 His artist name, "Mystic Of Melody", suggests there is something mystical,

 or supernatural, about his music.  It is a suitable name since he claims to

 have some divine inspiration when writing.








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